In Rennes, second-hand bikes attract crowds post thumbnail image

In Rennes, second-hand bikes attract crowds

The association “la Petite Rennes” organized this Saturday, June 13, a big sale of second-hand bikes, renovated and rebuilt during the confinement, which attracted nearly 500 people in front of the workshop on rue Chicogné.

In Rennes, the craze for bicycles is visible, as evidenced by the huge queue in front of the “Petite Rennes” workshop on Saturday 13 June. The association organised a large sale of second-hand bicycles, most of which were recovered from waste disposal centres and renovated during the confinement.Nearly 500 people queued up along Chicogné Street to Boulevard de la Liberté, even though the association was only selling 100 bikes,” explained Aurélien Gautier, an employee of the Petite Rennes association, “and the best way to do that is by bicycle.

Already a lot of people for the sale of bikes! We opened a little early…The first sales have taken place.100 bikes have been rebuilt and are ready to ride.unfortunately there won’t be enough for everyone.

Emilie was convinced by this argument: “We mostly do short trips, so we might as well combine business with pleasure,” she says. The girl was also attracted by the price: she paid only 20 euros for her brand new bike, thanks in part to the “Coup de Pouce vélo”, a 50 euro grant from the state.

There are places that are a little less passable, but it’s still much better served,” says one bicycle user. And in the line in front of the Petite Rennes workshop, everyone agrees that “we need fewer cars and more bicycles.

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