Leo: the administrator of the "Star hunter" page, announces the possible date of his elimination

Since his entry into “The 12 blows of noon”, Leo has made his way.That said, a rumor is already circulating on the possible date of his elimination.

Since its launch in 2010, many champions have paraded on the set of “12 blows of noon”.For his part, Leo is doing pretty well, thus chaining the victories.But the young man is barely there.two weeks of competition, rumors are already circulating about his elimination, the allegations were announced through a YouTube video.

At the height of his 20 years, the young master of midi already impresses.It must be said that Léo is a brilliant intellectual.This native of Saint-Lô is even in third year of Sciences Po.

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Today the father and the son 👍✌️ on TV‼ ️ ...@ tf1 @endemolshinefr

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Anyway, his adventure in the “12 strokes of noon” began on August 31, 2020.It goes without saying that he has already had the opportunity to achieve master strokes on the show.

This only strengthened his prize pool, especially since on September 9 he even managed to land his first mysterious star.

It was truly a feat since despite the many boxes that concealed the identity of the star, who was hiding behind, he managed to guess that it was Matthieu Chedid, and this, after his tenth participation.

Posted Date: 2020-09-16

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